Friday, February 17, 2006

ASSIGNMENT / START OF THREAD: CBS Memogate -- Were the documents fakes? Is that a fact?

The unwinding of the CBS "Memogate" provides context for the future of
journalism. The story broke because of blogger activity. The investigation
that led to Dan Rather's reassignment and the departure of CBS producers,
was demanded by bloggers.

You have watched the interview with John Hinderaker (you can listen to it
again as an MP3 if you like from):

You have the handout of the Democracy Now! interview with Mary Mapes and
the Washington Post story wrapping up the whole affair. Now for an
assignment, please post your thoughts:

1) Were the documents fakes? How do you know? Who do you believe?

2) If the documents were fake, but the "truth" is that Bush's military
record is newsworthy for reasons illustrated by the documents, fake or
otherwise, does it matter?

3) Do you trust CBS? Do you trust (Hinderaker's blog)? Why
or why not?

-- bill

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